At Dream. Set. Make. we believe...

In the power of the modern meditator.

internal change is only real when it becomes external action.

the more you create your art, business, relationships & LIFE from your truest essence, the better your life becomes.

When we are aligned together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

In owning your creativity and making shit happen.

DSM Workshop Menu

Our (1 day) Signature Workshop takes participants through the stages of DREAM, SET & MAKE, creating a highly experiential day that’s full of in-the-moment inspiration and takeaway resources to keep the action-based momentum flowing. MORE.

Deep Dives (2-3 days) expand the daylong experiences over a weekend to enhance the inner work all while deepening the connections with your fellow Dreamers. Additional activities and excursions are planned to complement the DSM programming and heighten the experience. MORE.

The longest of the DSM Workshops (4+ days), Retreats are a way to treat yo’self in a totally guilt-free way. Our retreats ditch the escapist mentality and instead focuses on all areas of life in a 360, holistic way. It’s the full expansion of our DSM programming.

Created for an on-the-go setting that allows participants to take a breath, Mini-Workshops are no longer than 2 hours and focus on a specific topic that’s near and dear to the DSM ethos, like Finding Your Why or Creative Energy Mapping. It takes your average coffee break a little deeper. MORE.

Bring DSM to your work environment to spark employee inspiration, productivity and team alignment. Every Corporate DSM is tailored to the business’ and employees’ needs. MORE.



Dream. Set. Make. is the creative’s version of ready. set. go.

Our dreamers are a combination of:

The Giver: You happily find yourself in a constant state of giving, but you know when it's time to refill your own well.

The Seeker: That epic question "What's next for me?" is lingering over your head and you want to get closer to the answer.

The Entrepreneur: You love a good hustle and want a structured program, community and toolkit to keep your creative edge sharp.

The Connector: You know life is all about the connections, and you want to find a space where you can collaborate with like-minded people.

sound like you?

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