Following the Signs: A Case Study in Listening to the Universe

Following the Signs

It began as all Dream. Set. Make. workshops begin, with women pouring in from different lives and different parts of the country, with different jobs and different dreams, who somehow all immediately get each other.

It was no different in the Hamptons for our first Deep Dive where, before dreamers could even take their shoes off and settle into the beautiful lululemon LOFT35 space, there were conversations of signs, and meant-to-be-here moments and serendipitous connections. It almost feels like someone’s playing a joke on us, like, there can’t be that many coincidences pointing people to this moment. It had to be just be, ya know, marketing, right?

But the moment a DSM starts, you can just feel there’s a bigger purpose to the exact people in the room. There’s a reason it’s this tribe, this time, together. In a room like that, full of women who bank on good juju and deal in the currency of high vibes and ultimate light, it’s easy to feel super connected and read the signs. The signs are almost begging to be seen.

In fact, there was one moment when the Universe gave a thundering shoutout to Travel Fit Love blogger, trainer and travel consultant Shelby Albo. She splits her days between the travel industry and the fitness industry, and has blended her interests into a super popular blog where she plays “matchmaker” between people, travel and workouts. Needless to say, Shelby juggles a lot of moving parts from day to day. So she came to DSM for some guidance “thinking I would have everything figured out. There is so much that I want to see and do, I wanted an immediate answer and plan,” she said.

So, when we ran a raffle of the 5 Minute Journal for our dreamers, Shelby confronted the Universe with a request.

“The weirdest thing happened to me during the lottery of the Five Minute Journal,” she says. “I had a moment of ‘if I win, this is a sign…I am meant to be here and the “plans” will pan out as they should and when they should.’ The second person to win the journal was my best friend, the girl I brought to DSM. In my head and heart I was thinking ‘yes, it was supposed to be her! The ‘sign’ is that at least SHE [or at least] one of us got the journal.’ Then, the next and last name was mine! I truly felt like it was meant to be.”

Shelby anted up to the big U. She set a very clear intention and made a very clear ask. Do the signs always come to us that officially and blatantly? Heck no. But we can use what Shelby did to create a framework for seeing the signs as they show up.

The Framework for Seeing Signs

  1. Know the ground you stand on.

    Shelby knew what she wanted—clarity and a plan. She wasn’t wishy-washy. She was energetically focused on what would help her. Having an energetic focus on what we want does not necessarily mean we’ll get it. After all, the Universe is going to speak to your deepest wants, and sometimes our surface-level desires don’t match the inner need. But having a focus gives you a ground to stand on. It gives you a jumping off point, no matter where the forces take you.
  2. Determine what speaks to you.

    Shelby used the 5 Minute Journal raffle as her message board from the Universe. But it doesn’t have to be that tangible and direct. Maybe you see feathers on your path and that always gives you a little nudge. Maybe your sign is that unexplainable feeling you get that reminds you of childhood. Maybe it’s a smell, or something a stranger says, or the way your Spotify shuffles. The point is, Shelby knew in her gut that something about the raffle would speak to her and she leaned into it. Lean into what you know speaks to you. Lean into what you think might be your message board.
  3. Flow with what you get.

    Right before Shelby won her journal, her best friend won. She knew that signs don’t always just perfectly shout themselves from the rooftops, so she was willing to take the answer however they came. When you ask for a sign, notice how it could be coming to you a bit differently than you imagined. The possibilities are endless and so are the ways in which you commune with that intangible plane. Don’t judge what you get, flow with it.

So back to the case study: Shelby came in wanting answers, a direction, a plan. She asked for a sign in and got an answer when she won her 5 Minute Journal. But the answer and direction she got turned out to be different than what she expected. Instead of strategizing a daily course of action, she says,

“DSM allowed me to take a step back and allow the process to happen naturally. It re-opened my eyes to the idea of ‘one day at a time.’ [By using the 5 Minute Journal] I truly feel like putting something out into the universe will have an outcome. It has changed how I talk about [and] handle different situations and more importantly, [I do it] all in a positive way.” Shelby says her biggest learning has been, “When my plate is overfilled, it really is about taking one day at a time. Write it down, make lists, and take a deep breath.”

And this is the absolute elegance of the Universe and the signs it sends us. Shelby came to DSM looking for a plan, but she left with a belief and a tool (the 5 Minute Journal) to help her come to her work with more grace, patience, trust and perspective. What couldn’t you create in the world when you have those in your back pocket?

Shelby knew she should be at DSM, but her sign gave her confirmation and a little nudge into a reenergized creative process so she could serve her tribe at the highest level. “I am ALL about supporting one another. If that means writing about another instructor/class or promoting a brand because I am a fan, then by all means. I want to surround myself with those positive influence and build each other up!” she says.

So here’s the final word on signs. Ultimately, all they do is point out an intuition that was already living in you. Whether you’re getting your tarot cards read, or having your palm-mapped (do it!), or simply asking the Universe to put a feather on your path to know if you’re going in the right direction, it’s less about the sign and more about how you interpret it. Your inner voice is always speaking, but following a sign will tell you if you’re listening or not.

Signs are a way to play with the Universe. To tap into that inner voice from a different angle. To have a little fun. To face your intuition with openness.

Go on and try it out this week. Ask for a sign, see what shows up. And use this practice to get to know your inner voice, who will always speak to us when we listen up.

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