Make Money by Shifting Your Mindset

Make Money by Shifting Your Mindset

So many times when we're starting out, we hold ourselves back because we don't think we have enough. Enough smarts, enough contacts, enough money. We operate from a place of lack. We put ourselves at the bottom of a mountain and pretend we don't have the resources to climb.

But one simple shift in your thinking will not only enliven the opportunities that come your way, it can bring those physical, finite resources (read: money) to you as well. So let's dig a little deeper and get clear on how to cultivate a new money mindset.

A New Money Mindset

Whether you’re fundraising through a Kickstarter campaign, starting a side business or trying to get people to your shows, there is one simple rule you need to follow to make money:

Give (way) more than you ask.

It might seem counterintuitive, but the more you give away for free (yes, free) the more you’ll get in return. At DSM, we chat about the connection economy. We talk about the principles at work in this new economy, which is not based on products, but based on relationships. This gift-giving is where you’re building trust, developing a long-term relationship with your audience and developing the platform from which you can create and, ultimately, sell.

And here's another added bonus when you start giving away your best stuff for free—and this is essential—giving your best stuff away makes room for you to make even better stuff. By holding onto your genius and saving it for some future moment yet to come, you’re limiting your own potential. But when you give away the best of your work, a million more ideas and projects enter that new void. 

As a creative, making the void is your surest way to making your best work.

Tweet this.

So, IRL, how would you use this over the course of one month?

The musician gives away music for free via podcast, then asks for a live ticket purchase.

The writer gives away blog posts for free, then asks for a book sale.

The fitness instructor gives away daily workouts on Instagram for free, then asks for a client booking.

The baker gives away recipes and baking tips for free, then asks for a catering client.

The artist gives away her creative process and behind-the-scenes look at creating her art for free, then asks for the painting sale.

The jewelry-maker gives away a lookbook + accessory styling guide for free, then asks for the jewelry sale.

And the list goes on. You’re giving away value, you’re giving away context, you’re giving away your unique perspective on the beauty or joy or mindfulness of your work. You’re giving so much of yourself, that eventually, once you’ve established trust with your people, they’ll be happy to give back.

It’s an exchange between two equals. It’s a meeting of the minds. But you’re the creative, you’re the leader, so you have to go first.

Giving away your best work will a) grow your audience and b) make you better at what you do. Your willingness to show up and create out loud is what draws all types of resources to you. You stepping out into your generosity becomes a magnet for others to respond.

So go on, give us what ya got.

Connect with others on the journey. Join the movement.

Dream. Set. Make.