Your Elevator Pitch is the Path to Success

You need an elevator pitch.

No, maybe you won’t actually get into an elevator and have to quickly and remarkably pitch your project to Oprah. But the fact that everyone’s attention span has shrunk to less than a goldfish’s (this is real), then YES. You need an elevator pitch.

If you’re a creative or a 9-to-5er, marketing-speak might sound Greek to you, but trust that when you walk into an audition, a job interview, an agent’s office, a meeting, you’re pitchin’. Every word you say, every intention that lives within you, shows up. People can’t always articulate how it shows up, but it’s there.

Even if you’re not marketing an actual product, you might be selling your brand, your opinion, your vision of how life should be. Most people just starting down the creative path avoid coming up with their elevator pitch because it feels slimy and uncomfortable. Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative, points out in his excellent article Why No One is Listening to Your Great Idea that articulating our idea is essential to its success. So with such limited opportunity for attention and the necessity of attention in order to succeed, you HAVE to have an elevator pitch to get your career into the fast lane.

People who have a real deal elevator pitch…

...make a strong impression.

...find their tribe faster.

...become the go-to person for X.

...weed out the relationships that hold them back.

...know how to find who and what they need.

...inspire their tribe immediately.

Having an elevator pitch is like having a personal thesis. It gives so much information in a small amount of time. And here’s what happens to the person, on an emotional and spiritual level, when they market and speak their personal thesis to others…

...they know whether or not they’re aligned.

...they get a sense of stability.

...they connect more deeply to their life’s purpose.

...they start to serve others in a more genuine way.

...they don’t have to work as hard.

That last point—they don’t have to work as hard—is huge. When you are narrowed down and dialed in, the extraneous b.s., the time-suckers, the energy-stealers, the dark forces tend to fall away more easily. When you know who you are, or at least what you’re working for, it becomes strikingly obvious how to proceed. You see exactly how to cut the fat. You minimize, you prune.

At DSM, we use a strategy to pull your elevator pitch out of our Find Your Why sequence. Dreamers work through an alignment exercise that leaves them with a few words, sentiments and ideas that ultimately add up to their mission. If you're looking for a place to start, here are three ways to dive in:

  1. Check out Simon Sinek's book Start With Why.
  2. Download this free Dream. Set. Make. Worksheet: Write Your Elevator Pitch.
  3. And if you're interested in really nailing this, come to our next workshop, where we'll dive even deeper and connect all the dots.

Because dreamers, it's time to speak up.

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