The DSM Product Line Has Arrived!

Photo by Minimalist Movement

Photo by Minimalist Movement

At Dream. Set. Make. we’re all about helping you create your #bestlife. We want to help you take your ideas and dreams, and actionably turn them into reality. But we get it, it’s sometimes challenging to bring big thoughts into tangible, real-life specifics. We also get that up until recently, DSM was just in the business of experiences—amazing for our dreamers who have been to our workshops but harder to replicate for those who don’t live in NYC or LA or have had other commitments during our workshop weekends. (But, like, we really don’t think your bestie would mind if you skipped her wedding for some dreaming. Just saying. *wink*)

But mostly, we’re in the business of connection—to your deepest self, to other like-minded people—and we’re always trying to find a way to reach more of you, build our tribe and give you daily reminders of your badassery that go deeper than an inspirational meme.



we’re introducing to you our DSM product line!

Whatever soul-fueling, tribe-building, happy-making products we create serve as physical reminders of the dope AF internal work you're committed to every day. We want to be there on every step of your journey—as a guide, as a partner, but mostly as that voice whispering in your ear that you already have everything you need to make shit happen.

Here’s what we’ve got for you. (We have a feeling it’s just the beginning.)

Dream. Set. Make. Signature Meditation Oil Blends

These roll on essential oil blends are meant for the modern meditator. We believe that meditation doesn’t have to exist in a vacuum to be effective and we certainly know that real life is quite different than an all-silence, distraction-free meditation setting.

Put it on your wrists before you go for a run.

Dab some on for a more peaceful evening commute.

We've taken the signature DSM scents and blended them with a coconut carrier oil in a 2 oz. and 4 oz. Beauty Blend. These larger bottles are perfect finishes to your daily routine, moisturizing your skin and hair with light essential oil fragrance.

Slip a couple drops into your evening bath.

Smooth some into the ends of your hair (so when you get a whiff, with the flip of your locks, you’re reminded to chilllll out.)

Or if you can find that full-silence, full-stillness bliss, put some on your collar bone for exhilarating inhales and releasing exhales.

Designed to take you through each of our workshop phases—Dream | Set | Make—each oil blend has corresponding, downloadable audio meditation recordings that are available for dreamers, free with every purchase:


DREAM | lavender lemon

SET | pink grapefruit eucalyptus cedarwood

MAKE | rose sandalwood


ON-THE-GO: roll on essential oil meditation blend

TRAVEL: 2oz essential oil beauty blend

AT HOME: 4oz essential oil beauty blend

Purchase each size as a single or in a set of the same size.


Dreamer Apparel

What better way to take your beliefs into the world than to put it on your body? Comfortable (they’re so soft!) yet bold, these shirts are conversation starters for dialogue that goes deeper. We've started with two tanks, one tee and a sweatshirt that tout the DSM ethos while keepin’ it cool.

You need it now, right?

Click here to access our products page and receive 10% off.  

Share on instagram using the hashtag #dreamsetmake so we can see how you’re using your oils and wearing your shirts. (Really, how you’re owning your creativity and makin’ shit happen.)

Each time you share a DSM-inspired post on social media by tagging @dreamsetmake + #dreamsetmake, you're entered to win a 4 oz Beauty Blend Set. (Enter by Sunday September 3rd at 11:59pm.)


Have questions?

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