Undercover Creative: Artistry in Marketing

Danielle Corderre

Danielle Coderre is a Boston native turned LA-based wellness connector. She’s an experiential marketing manager for Reebok who single-handedly opened their first LA collective. She’s a trailblazer, fit expert and adventurer who we admire for her badassery and ladyboss-ness all while staying grounded. Her Reebok LA space was home for our first DSM LA workshop. Continue scrolling to find out how she finds artistry in marketing..

Why do you do the work you do?

I am a sucker for human connections. I love that my job allows me to connect with amazing like-minded people but also be the connector for others. Bringing people under my Reebok roof allows me to introduce awesome to awesome and hopefully watch magic ensue. I work for Reebok because in my role, I’m the most connected to the consumer you can get. And that brings me pure joy.

Define your creative process.

I am a think big and then hone it in type person. I let my head go as high into the clouds and grab some of the good stuff first before I start to think about logistics. Usually a good mix of the two leads to something pretty good.

What is your favorite creativity-sparking tool?

That’s a great question. I guess it’s not so much a tool as it is knowing where my skills are best used. I work best when I have another person to bounce ideas off of. Sometimes my best events or concepts have come from someone else’s idea who needed help bringing it to life. I’m really good at turning a spark into a burning flame. Some people are great at finding the spark and need a little kindling to make that fire roar. That’s where I like to think I come in.

Tell us some advice you received that you continues to guide you.

I’m coming up short here…too many to count. My mom tells me to be less intense, lol. She means I need to stop taking on everyone else’s emotional burdens. It’s something I work on daily.

What challenges have become your biggest learning moments?

From a work perspective, not always seeing the whole path laid out before me has become a challenge. That “what comes next?” thing. We all go through it and I believe that when you realize you don’t need to always know what comes next, more falls into place than you think.

Tell us about a connection that’s surprised you? How did you run with it or deepen that connection?

A connection that surprised me would have to be an old connection I thought had been severed but was reconnected recently. That’s a lot of “re’s” but you get it. Time is a beautiful thing. We morph and change with our surroundings and interactions. We work on ourselves and heal any wounds. It’s a reminder that the past is not always meant to stay in the past because the past may not be the same in the future…. Whoa. Mind blown. *mic drop*

Describe your tribe. How do they serve you and how do you serve them?

My tribe is a strong and powerful one. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most amazing, inspirational people. Work has brought us together but it’s our mutual passion for wanting to strive for greatness that made us all friends. I couldn’t imagine a better tribe. They push me to be better and I serve them by showering them with Reebok gifts, lol just kidding. I do hope that I do my part in using the tools I have to help each one of them grow and continue to pursue their dreams.

What’s been the proudest moment in your creative work thus far?

I think the launch party for the Reebok West Hollywood Collective was one of the proudest moments because of how many stars aligned that night. There was a lot of physical creative work done to create that space for the community and this was a first look at it for many. On top of that, I felt like all the connections and relationships I had built through other creative events and exchanges were all under one roof for the first time after always working in the field. The positive energy that pulsed through the Collective that night gave it life in a way I could have never dreamed.

What’s next for you? Can you share one of your dreamiest dreams with us?

I have a project I’ve dreamed up (but need to execute) that involves the homeless community, photography, journalism, and coffee table books. That’s all I’ll say ;)

Some quick fire questions:

Favorite self care ritual

I have a favorite quiet cove in PV (Palos Verdes)  that I will walk to.

Favorite inspirational instagram account

@beautifuldestinations – I love to be inspired to travel

Guilty pleasure. (Though we don’t think you should feel guilty if there’s pleasure in it!)

Binge watching any and all DC Comic and Marvel based TV shows.

Almond butter or peanut butter?

Give me the good stuff, guys. Peanut butter all day. Preferably JIFF Creamy.

Dream, set or make? What’s your favorite part of the process?

Dream. Always dream.

Dream with us. Join the movement.


Dream. Set. Make.