The Modern Meditator

Photo by: @deanastacia

Photo by: @deanastacia

We live in a weird, dichotomous world where, for most women, wellness is trendy, but burnout seems inevitable. We may find the time to pencil in a shamanic experience but our nose-to-the-grindstone hard work is revered above all.

We understand this woman because we are this woman. We started Dream. Set. Make. because our spiritual need to be deeply, internally connected is intricately intertwined with the #ladyboss culture that hustles to get shit done. (“I’m so busy. When is there time for self care?”) For us, the big question is: how can the internal work actively and intensely impact our external action? One can seem to exist without the other, but we know there’s limitless potential when we go back to our soul, our roots, our core being and integrate from the inside-out. It’s a practice in how quickly we can access the internal (read: eternal) despite everyday chaos.

We’ve got a name for the woman who dares to make this journey every day.

We like to call her the modern meditator. She:

  • is a freelancer who works from home and walking her dog is precious time to get into nature and out of her head.
  • works a 9-5, has neck tension from too much getting-shit-done and uses her subway commute to close her eyes and breathe deeply.
  • knows a brunch date can do the head and heart just as much good as a meditation class.
  • would love to skip life for a bit to embark on a far-away spiritual journey but knows most of that same work can be done at home, in the here and now.
  • is a mom who successfully juggles all the balls in the air but wants her feet more solidly on the ground.
  • has had bouts of balance but wants to find more ways to access that place, even when life gets messed up, hard and out of whack.
  • feels the pressure and wants to chill the fuck out with something more meaningful than numbing on Netflix.
  • questions whether she needs complete silence, stillness and darkness for her meditation to be done “right?”
  • wants to tick everything off the list and still have something left in the tank.
  • isn’t afraid to connect to her body through sweat-inducing feats of strength.
  • exudes feminine power in both yoga pants and her favorite sexy jumpsuit.
  • is game for anything but is always discerning.
  • is trying to connect to her own why so she can connect to others’.
  • can zen out and drop in anywhere.

We think you know her, or some version of her, too.

Our goal is to always provide tools and resources for this part of you who you may already know well and/or are still in the courting stage. For us, it always goes back to the working intentionally—internally and externally—because it’s a tangible reflection of you. Worldly evidence of your cosmic beauty.

We have some things to help you get started but we want to make even that more experiential for you.

The Dream. Set. Make. Guide for the Modern Meditator

Starting November 6th, we release The DSM Guide for the Modern Meditator, aka a super easy ritual guide using our DSM Signature Meditation Oil Blends and Aroma Acupoint Therapy. Plus, a love letter to bridge the gap between your inner work and doing-the-damn-thing. Like Liam Payne says, strip that down for me... so while the MM is well-versed in wellness lingo and her own set of om-inducing practices, we want to make these rituals lowwwwww barrier to entry because, let’s be honest, you already have everything you need to find your passion and live your #bestlife. All this is just icing.

But why essential oils and wtf is Aroma Acupoint Therapy?

Essential oils are distilled from plants and capture their energy and aroma in the most natural and pure form. Like food and living beings and every g’damn thing in the universe, each essential oil has certain energetics that can positively affect or tonify all physical and spiritual aspects of your life. Inhalation of essential oils can help achieve a desired effect (ie, our DREAM lavender lemon blend aids in inspiration by delivering both calm + uprising energy) but using these powerful oils on a body point can achieve greater results. That’s where the Aroma Acupoint Therapy or AAT comes in.

AAT harnesses the energy of the essential oils with the energy of human touch. The essential oil is placed on the fingertip and then onto a physical point on the body—acupuncture or acupressure points that correspond to certain physical or spiritual functions. You’re able to send energy or qi (pronounced “chee”) to the functions of this point to help heal the body, mind and spirit. The best part about it is that you can usually do the treatment on yourself and because it’s super discreet you can also do it basically anywhere for quick realignment and rebalancing. Like we said, EASY.

(We see you.)

And we know you. That’s why we’re doing this for you. We want to strip away the shiny, trendy sides of wellness so that we can not only uncover personal origins, baselines and needs but connect to others, who are doing the same, in the realest way possible. We want to see the dichotomy of the MM-world in plain sight and then help guide her to a place of balance and flow between the inner and outer.

Accessing that power (the kind that comes from intuition + ease + calm + inspiration + authenticity + joy + the list goes on…), is the journey. We love you. We’re on the journey with you. And we’re gonna make shit happen, together. .

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