How to Be Guided by Your Inner Voice

How to Be Guided by Your Inner Voice


Every hour of the day, people are assuming that we know what we're doing. And every hour of the day, we assume that of others. Do they run a successful business? They must know what they're doing. They're married? They must just get it. Easy breezy Instagram photos every damn day with perfect edits and a massive following? I wish I knew what they knew!

The truth is, everyone is making these assumptions. And mostly, everyone is wrong.

At DSM, we like to remind ourselves that everyone is just making it up as they go. Life is improvisation. Everyone's taking their best guess.

And because we feed this lie to ourselves that everyone else knows what they're doing and I'm falling behind we spend years of zig-zagging from choice to choice, option to option, like a death-destined fly trying to outrun a cat. We try on other people's suggestions like the hand-me-downs they are: ratty, out-of-date and ripping at the elbows.

But, don't fall into existential dread yet.

No, we often don't know for sure what we're doing or how it might work out. But, there is an intrinsic power in each of us, guiding us toward our highest potential. It's a natural force. Some call it God, some Love, some the Universe, and some just don't name it because it's uncontainable. Whatever you call it, it's the force that turns an acorn into an oak, a fetus into a baby. It's the reason there's grass sprouting on the sidewalks of NYC. Life finds a way to drive every living thing to its highest potential.

So this goes for you, too.

Maybe we, in our Ego-selves (read: the self obsessed with success + affirmation + externalizations), don't know what's going on, but there is a deeper, more intuitive voice in us that does.

Our inner voice is an elusive bugger, but it's the most powerful way to connect to our authentic path.

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So what does our inner voice sound like and how do we access her?

What Does Your Inner Voice Sound Like?

  1. She often comes in like a whisper. Like a half idea lurking in the background of your busy thoughts. She's not going to fight for your attention, she just kind of lingers there, hanging around, waiting for you to notice.
  2. She also could sound like something you really don't want to hear. You might be listening to her, loud and clear, and denying it because it's going to cause you to transition or shift in some uncomfortable (albeit wise) way.
  3. She sounds like love. Your inner voice is never shaming you, never mad at you, never putting you down. She might send you tough love, but it's always in service of your highest good. Your inner voice is your connection to source, and that source is unconditional love.

Following our instincts—especially as women who are forever extinguishing our feminine intuition in order to avoid seeming too damn feminine—is a tricky assignment. It takes practice.

How Do You Access Your Inner Voice?

  1. First thing is to get quiet. Turn everything off, certainly power down your phone. Get in a quiet space and just breathe. When you create enough space, something interesting finally has room to show up. 
  2. Find a safe space for you to be soft and open and then ask a question. Go to an intuitive healer like Well + Good's Erin Magner did. Get your cards read. Get a palm mapping. Get to DSM. Get together with your spirit animal bestie. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and let a trusted guide or friend reflect your energy back to you.
  3. Ask your wisest self what she thinks. After meditation, or a really delicious workout that has left you a sweaty mess, ask a question to the image of your wisest, most grounded self. That could be you 40 years from now, or you when you were four. When you're in that happy, unguarded place, turn inward and ask her. Wait for her to speak.

There isn't anyone else out there who could be more right about you than you. Tweet this.

It doesn't mean we'll never be scared or uncertain or feel like our world is spinning a tiny bit out of control. But when we listen up to the intuition housed in the quiet spaces of our lightning-fast, despotic fear-governed brains, we know it's right. For that intuition to survive the mind chaos and still show up? Yeah. It's right on.

So where are you right now? Don't know what you should do about the job? Or your partner? Or the test results? Or the friendship? Or the career path? Don't know which way to turn? Don't know what to do?

Oh, sure you do.

Connect with the tribe, stay on the path, join the movement.

Dream. Set. Make.