Get Ahead With This One Energetic Action

Get Ahead with This One Energetic Action

When we don't have it, we feel completely isolated. If we never felt it, we'd go crazy. If the world didn't function on it, we'd all be goners sooner than later. And for us to do any good work, we absolutely need to have it.


It's a funny word to consider against creativity. Who are we trusting? What are we trusting in? We're constantly reminded that creative-types are irresponsible, unpredictable and flimsy at best. At our worst we're downright destructive, ruining our bodies and our bank accounts in the name of creative expression. But is this who we really are or is this familiar story merely a lack of trust?

Courtney chimes in: To write my book, I had to scour the ten years of my creative life for the stories worth sharing. And every single story with a less-than-pretty-ending all started with a lack of trust. It was either a trust deficiit: I wasn't sure I was going to "make it," I didn't know if I was any good enough, or it was a trust overcompensation: It was in the bag, This was going to be my ticket to success.

But trust isn't something we can just casually let go of or desperately hang onto; it's actually a balance, it's riding the wave. It's the proverbial sand in the hand. And in our creative careers, that balance will make us or break us.

Balancing in the middle of trust (knowing we're capable of endless possibilities and then accepting that life will be surprising, irreverent and clever when presenting said possibilities to us) is not necessarily the social story told about the crazy, creative types. Yet the ones we admire the most—the Maya Angelous, the Albert Einsteins, the Susan Sontags, the shamans of creativity, innovation and social consciousness—never seem flimsy or irresponsible. In fact, their creativity is the thing that galvanizes us to act, think and converse with greater clarity and consciousness. They fire us up.

So it's not creativity we don't trust. It's us.

And it's not them who don't trust us.

It's us.

We live in a world where everyone's an amateur artist or fledgling entrepreneur. We are now, thanks to technology, able to create our way into a business or onto a platform or, at least, past the traditional gatekeepers. We are excited by that freedom and run after it, hungry and foaming at the mouth. But once we get through the gate and into our own autonomous positioning, if we don't place trust in ourselves to get it done, it will never get done. It will turn flimsy and irresponsible and erratic. It will be haphazard and halfway. Without trust, we can't be sure we'll follow through on anything.

Maybe this sounds too idealistic to you. Maybe this sounds like "Trust in the Universe because everything that is Meant To Be will be and you just have to Believe Your Time Will Come." That's not trust, that's passive reverie. This isn't about idealistically believing that things will just work out because you read it on a greeting card once.

This is about trusting that small voice inside your gut that urges you to move forward with your creative plan; trusting that you have the capacity to follow through; and then trusting that your invisible commitment will show up via tangible results. And hey, the results could arrive in the form of success or failure, but either way, those results will move you forward. If you stay centered and trusting, you will be in the exact right position to take the next step.

If we balanced there, what could we accomplish? If those were our defining stories, what social landscapes could we change for the better? Who could we connect with? What sense of healing could we bring to others? It's worth it for ourselves, and our work, to find out.

Trust. Join the movement. Make shit happen.

Dream. Set. Make.