Photo Credit: The Minimalist Movement

Photo Credit: The Minimalist Movement

Dream. Set. Make. is a movement to live your passion, igniting internal change for external action.


dsm is an immersive experience to engage your highest potential.

Our world has never needed creative, service-based leadership so badly. For all the people wanting to follow their “calling” we have never been so disconnected from our inner voices and from each other. Our callings are our assignments in how to help. When everyone follows that inner path, everyone is helping and everyone is healing. You have the power to help and heal as much as anyone.

Your essential nature asks for it. The world needs it. All you have to do is own it.


Dream. Set. Make. is the creative’s version of ready. set. go. Our dreamers are a combination of:

  • The Giver: You happily find yourself in a constant state of giving, but you know when it's time to refill your own well.
  • The Seeker: That epic question "What's next for me?" is lingering over your head and you want to get closer to the answer.
  • The Entrepreneur: You love a good hustle and want a structured program, community and toolkit to keep your creative edge sharp.
  • The Connector: You know life is all about the connections, and you want to find a space where you can collaborate with like-minded people.

sound like you?


dsm happens:

In Real Life: Our workshops (the OG of DSM) are where we connect with our dreamers in real life. Whether attending a one-day Workshop, a Deep Dive (2-3 days), a mini-workshop  or a longer Retreat, the change-makers of this creative generation (you!) gather at inspiring spaces to dig deep into the personal and professional practices that will elevate every facet of their lives. Using expert guidance, group work, mindful movement and meditation, D.S.M. is a soul-centered experience where you'll dive into your creative, intuitive impulse and practice transforming your intuition into external action.

These lightning-in-a-bottle events can sustain you for awhile, but we know that deep practice in living a meaningful life is a daily exercise so that’s why we’re also...

On Your Screen: It’s where we spend most of our lives, right? So why not make your online world a little bit more intentional, inspirational and (yes.. gasp!) healthy? We want to be champions for presence, even (especially) on this digital connection machine. DSM is online to serve you every day, whether through our Instagram, digital hangs, Down Low private podcasts and even more coming soon. We’re bringing the inner work to the internet. It’s where we connect and keep the conversation, imagination and action-based motivation flowin’.

In Your Hand: Your #bestlife all starts with you and the DSM product line exists to remind you of that. Whatever soul-fueling, tribe-building, happy-making products we create serve as physical reminders of the badass internal work you're committed to every day. We want to be there on every step of your journey—as a guide, as a partner, but mostly as that voice whispering in your ear that you already have everything you need to make shit happen.